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Newport Scientific, Inc.'s HYGRODYNAMIC Division is a leader in the humidity sensing industry supplying dew point monitors, instrumentation, transmitters, and controllers. This division's products have used the Dunmore Hygrosensor successfully for many years. Its customer base includes plastic dryer manufacturers, plastics manufacturers, hospitals, and several nationally recognized laboratories, among others. Customers have found ways to use our products in many varied applications, too numerous to name, wherever it is important to know factors regarding humidity.

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Newport Scientific, Inc.'s, SUPERPRESSURE Division and product line was founded in 1923 by the American Instrument Company (AMINCO) and includes such items as Diaphragm Gas Compressors, Smoke Density Chambers, and Supercritical Fluid Extraction Systems, to name a few. This division's name has become synonymous with high-pressure equipment expertise, matchless quality, and unsurpassed reliability. SUPERPRESSURE products can be found in virtually any research lab, university, manufacturing plant, nuclear facility, as well as defense and aerospace companies.

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About Newport Scientific

The SUPERPRESSURE and HYGRODYNAMICS division of Newport Scientific trace their roots to the American Instrument Company (AMINCO) which opened for business in Silver Spring, Maryland, in 1919...(read more...)
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