Catalog Number: 4207

Product Name: Dew Point Chart Recorder

Product Description: Programmable recorder allows user to adjust relay setpoints, hysteresis, chart rotation, and calibration functions. -40°F to +70°F recording range. Supplied with cable for connection directly to dew point monitor 8072, and can be adapted for connection to any Hygrodynamics dew point monitor with 4-20mA output.


Catalog Number Product Name Product Description Cart
8092Wall Mount Monitor for Compressed Air Refrigerated DryersMeasures +10°F to +70°F dew point up to 150 PSIG. Sensor is housed in an internal manifold. Supplied with 6 feet of 1/4" hi-pressure plastic tubing ending with 1/8" NPT male fitting. Temperature compensated for air temperatures from +50°F to +100°F. Approx. 10-1/2"x8-1/2"x6", 7.4 Lbs  Add To Cart
8097Wall Mount Monitor for Compressed Air Desiccant DryersMeasures -40°F to +15°F dew point up to 300 PSIG. 1" NPT male pipe mount sensor can be used in +60°F to +140°F process air temperatures. Approx. 10-1/2"x8-1/2"x6", 6.5 Lbs  Add To Cart
8098Wall Mount Monitor for Plastics DryingWall mount version of our popular 8072. Measures dew point from -40°F to +15°F, ideal for the plastics drying industry. Built-in vacuum pump samples air through 3/16" ID flexible plastic tubing. Approx. 10-1/2"x8-1/2"x6", 8.5 Lbs  Add To Cart
3500003Chart Paper, 24/7, -40 to +70 ScaleTwo sided circular chart paper, 24 hour on one side, 7 day on the other. Used with 4207 Dew Point Recorder. 100 pack.  Add To Cart
3500011Red Pens for Recorder5 pack of red pens  Add To Cart
3500012Green Pens for Recorder5 pack of green pens  Add To Cart