Catalog Number: 8098-230V

Product Name: Wall Mount Monitor for Plastics Drying

Product Description: Wall mount version of our popular 8072. Measures dew point from -40°F to +15°F, ideal for the plastics drying industry. Built-in vacuum pump samples air through 3/16" ID flexible plastic tubing. 230VAC version. Approx. 10-1/2"x8-1/2"x6", 8.5 Lbs


Catalog Number Product Name Product Description Cart
1205DMWhite Sensor for Dew Point-40°F to +15°F, +/- 3°F dew point. Used in dew point monitors and with 6380DP series transmitters  Add To Cart
6245Dessicant TubeReplacement dessicant tube used to test vacuum assisted dewpoint monitors such as 8072. Provides a reliable source of dry air to verify the dewpoint monitor's basic operation.  Add To Cart
0900106Two Pin InsertMounts in sensor manifold between sensor and cable. Provides high pressure air tight seal.  Add To Cart
1000613GasketSealing gasket for two pin insert or four pin insert. Used in sensor manifold.  Add To Cart
3305005Inline FilterReplacement air filter used on vacuum pump assisted dew point monitors such as 8072. Captures plastic and dessicant particles to keep sensor area clean.  Add To Cart
4100132Plastic TubingClear Plastic tubing that is connected to the air flow which is 3/16"id x 5/16" od x 1/16 wall.  Add To Cart
6019-12Cable 12" with Female End / Two LeadsThis cable comes standard with our popular 8098 series Dew Point Monitors. Other lengths are available.  Add To Cart