Newport Scientific

, Inc. has examined the initiatives coming out of the European community regarding the

reduction of hazardous substances used in electronic equipment.

  We feel that even though this type of initiative has not been lawfully instituted in the United States and other countries, many of our customers have decided to achieve compliance.  We are therefore responding by making our parts

RoHS compliant

as we work our way through our existing inventory.  The initiative calls for the reduction or elimination of the following materials in order to be compliant:

• Lead
• Mercury
• Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB)
• Hexavalent Chrominum
• Cadmium
• Polybrominated Diphenylethe

The form, fit and function of our products will not change as they become RoHS compliant, therefore we will not change the part numbers of products when they become compliant.  Instead, compliance is tracked by serial number.  Items not serialized that are RoHS compliant are identified with a 'G' suffix on the part number.  Our purchased parts used for production are obtained from qualified vendors who can exhibit internal systems that demonstrate compliance.  Additionally, we have initiated our own internal processes to ensure compliance of our finished goods.

We agree with the intent of the

RoHS initiative

, and are committed to achieving full compliance.  Should you have any questions on this internal process/procedure, please feel free to give us a call to discuss it.